Taj Mahal

Agra, India — Taj Mahal, as it has been dubbed, is such an expression of great love. We must have all known that by now.

The roads to Agra from New Delhi through the country’s interior roads were a breath of new scenery– away from the traffic, and unsavory surroundings.

Upon reaching Agra, there is a great contrast as you see a backdrop of clean, properly maintained international hotels, and the rather unkept, dirty environment on the streets going to the great Taj Mahal.

You can also found Agra Fort, which is another popular monument in India. 

The experience altogether is good.



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I am news reporter, trying to veer away from the daily grind of news. I am trying to make good of the experiences and opportunities that life bring me, and enjoy them. I will try to share in this blog some of my travels, hobbies, and the daily lessons that life would bring. I don't intend to brag, I intend to amuse, inform and touch your lives in my own little way.
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