Traveling on a thrifty budget in Osaka and Tokyo

Roppongi Hills– We thrived on authentic ramen, takoyaki balls and microwaved food from Lawson or 7-11 stores.

Yes! That’s for about nine days entering Osaka via Kansai International Airport and exiting Narita via Narita International Airport.

We booked at while we were in Osaka. Since Osaka Station Hotel was accessible to Shin-Osaka station, we were able to go places using the trains. We booked for breakfast so we did not spend extra in the morning.

Going around the Shin-Osaka JR station, you can go instant shopping since there is a Uniqlo outlet, a mini-mall and an array of bars and restaurants (at the basement).

You can enjoy the ramen and tonkatsu meals from ¥650 and up. If you enjoy drinking, have some sake too! (This area seems a hangout for male office workers after office hours).

From Osaka to Tokyo

The Roppongi area is comparatively high-end compared to Osaka since it is also known as Tokyo Midtown where Oakwood and The Ritz Carlton residences are situated.

We weren’t billeted at a posh hotel but we enjoyed the same ambience or even better. There’s a nearby Hiroshito (?) Park which Japanese garden and pond provides inner peace . Its like a secret garden where one can simply stroll, sit on a bench and relax away from the busy city.

Down Ropponggi Hills, there’s a condominium building where we stayed for about four days while we were in Tokyo shuttling from various points for enjoyment at Disney Resort, as well as shopping for anime products, danboard and even Play Station 3 games. ( of course, there are more new gadgets and as we speak, I still feel my conscious effort to resist getting the PS4).

It’s Will’s Place, a condo unit for rent we found at Will wasn’t that guy who’d meet you until you got settled. He must have wanted privacy even as he let us in his small space which can actually accommodate only two to three people.

The place was quaint but good enough to allow you to sleep soundly and rest rest well after a night of shopping and so on.

Since this is no hotel, we bought some grocery and ready-to-cook meals from the Lawson store. We prepared our breakfast of eggs, rice, and Chinese sausage through the microwave.

We also brought baon from home. 😊


Here’s a food trip at a noodle house at Osaka Shin Station.

Of course, don’t forget that this trip would have not happened had we not booked six months earlier on “Piso fare” at Cebu Pacific. Except for a day’s delay in our flight to Osaka, the Cebu Pacific flight went smoothly and safe.

Upon arrival at the airport, you can buy an ICOCA card and Haruka card especially if your hotel nearby JR trains and will pass by Osaka loop (which stops by Osaka, Shin Osaka and Kyoto stations).





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