Universal Studios-Japan

Osaka — I still remember the Christmas gift from my late godmother when I was a kid— its a Charlie Brown comic book. I really did not appreciate it at once but I read every page anyway. Those were the days when Snoopy and his gang were all popular.


In recent years, I even downloaded an application to play the Snoopy game but never really got the hang of it. (Not as much as I am now with Clash of Clans you know but that will be another topic)

Our trip yesterday to the Universal Studios here hit some strings– putting me in melancholy as I recall my childhood days.

Oh how the days, weeks and years went so fast. I used to play in my mom’s office at the Ateneo, joined games without fellow kids during parties. Those were days when we were young & playful (I bet I am still young and still very playful today).

Well, our Universal Studio trip brought me back to memory lane. Apart from Snoopy & the gang, there goes the Sesame Street (Oh Big Bird, Ernie and Bert, Cookie Monster too!).

And of course, Hello Kitty too! (Even after the controversy– we still love Hello Kitty, don’t we?)

Since a theater was proximately located near the theme park’s entrance, we went first into the 4D theater where Sesame Street and Shrek were shown. We watched the Sesame Street film fest. Although the movie is in Japanese language, we enjoyed the 4D experience — water sprinkled on our face, winds blown and thud from the chair as if you landed from a fall.

Big Bird, Bert and Ernie…
Count Dracula… We all went down the Sesame Street! That’s before Dora The Explorer, Minions, Sponge Bob,
Four Princess and the Little Mermaids became popular among today’s generations.

Then there’s Sipderman! We sat around the wharf area after taking pictures at the facade for the Spiderman ride.

It was fun seeing moms in fairy costumes along with their toddlers– all dressed up for the Halloween. It was past Halloween days but many are still in cute costumes.

Its just so much fun!

The adventure continues as we went to the Jurassic Park ride, Water World, and the latest attraction– Harry Potter Castle! (which I will blog about a bit later).



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