My baby pup has ‘cherry eye’….

My six-month old Raven, a mix of Yorkie and Shit-zu. has a red spot on the corner of his left eye, which was later diagnosed as “cherry eye” by the veterinarian from Marikina Veterinarian Clinic.

It occurs on small puppies, I am told, possibly after eye irritation. But a quick web search showed that cherry eye is also known as a prolapse of the gland of the third eyelid. It is common among small dogs.

The vet gave out a prescription for eye treatment so that the affected eye will not be prone to infection. Otherwise, Raven needs an eye surgery to tuck in the swollen gland.

There are no symptoms as regards his activities. Raven remains “very active”, playful and with good appetite.

I took a pic of my pup earlier this month, noting that a red spot which I mistook for a “red eye” caused by his rapid movement before the camera… so here is what a cherry eye looks like. 🙂

Photo on 10-5-14 at 2.02 PM #2



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