Street foods in Kaohsiung, Taiwan


Just two streets away from the hotel, you can go to this street for street foods– exotic or so, noodles and fruits.

On a recent business trip to Taiwan, I went to a night market near our hotel to just catch a glimpse of the street life.  I checked in at the Han-Shien International Hotel located in Kaohsiung City after a railway trip from Taiwan.


Going around the area is safe because the crime situation in this area and the rest of Taiwan is relatively low.

Its not much of a busy area but there are locals — usually riding bicycles and motorcycles — who troop there to get a bowl of noodles for a snack or late supper.


Exotic? Dare taste some of these food at the street market.

There is just one stall selling these exotic foods which include chicken feet, gizzard (possibly of duck or turkey), intestines, other parts of poultry and pork or beef.


Looks bigger than chicken. Must be duck or turkey wings and gizzards.


Feel free to identify them. Liver, intestines and more.


Kikiam, it seems.


I’d prefer “manicured” chicken feet. No, not these please.

For $NT 80, I paid for a combination of these which looked presentable when I placed in small plates in hotel.


Appetizers anyone? Thanks, but no thanks. Just ordered hotel food for my dinner.

there are also some fruit stands…



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