It pains me to see that my flowerhorn has been sick for a week now. Its eyes bulged and it grew a fat belly.

My FH was a survivor. I recalled the day when I arrived home from a petshop carrying a plastic bag of new fishes. So I placed the five new small FHs in a tank, and this one was the sole survivor which grew bigger throughout the months.


This is actually the first time it got sick.

Situated in a 35-gallon tank, my FH is all alone its tank as the ideal situation should be. There was a time I tried to put a red parrot inside the tank but they fought constantly. In 24 hours with the parrot fish as a companion, my aggressive FH ended up on its side lying on the base of its tank… breathing slowly, apparently due to exhaustion in fighting with a more aggressive parrot fish that entered its territorial space. Just like any other cichlids, FHs are territorial. So that’s when I decided to put the red parrot back into its original tank.

To maintain a healthy aquarium, my bro routinely does a water change. We fed the FH Humpy head pellets and live worms — which my bro suspected as source of the fat belly.

Nonetheless, I was not alarmed until the FH’s eyes bulged one day. Then I got worried. Would have been easier to let poor FH go… But it has grown so big and I feel distraught if I will just let it die.


Constant water change
Rock salt to kill “bacteria”
Yellow powder (antibiotic, to be dilluted in the water)
Heater (for aquariums, not water heaters for humans mind you!)

As recommended by a friend who is also a fish enthusiast, I put into the tank the yellow powder and the heater to treat and eliminate the Bacteria which may have caused the bulging eyes and the fat belly.

Change in water temperature may also affect the fish, so that’s why I placed the heater. Heat also helps kill the bacteria if these are the ones affecting the fish.




For additional information on treatments of FH diseases: I found this link:




RIP my flowerhorn. April 17, 2011.  😦



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