IPhone 4S launched in the Philippines

I am so happy I got my IPhone 4S just a few hours ago from Globe Philippines. They launched the Siri just today… I am so excited to experience Siri which I think can be very helpful especially when I am driving.
I am going to try apps such as ICloud to sync my Mac and my Ipad with my new Iphone altogether. I have shifted to Black Berry for a while… But really, the Apple virus is still deep in my veins.

Oh, I do miss Steve Jobs doing all the explaining of the features of the IPhone over the Mac website.

IPhone 4S un-boxed!

My Siri

I arrived 9:49 a.m. at the Globe Tent at the Fort in Taguig, barely 11 minutes before my scheduled slot to experience my new IPhone 4S ‘lapsed’.

Immediately, the Globe staff greeted me at the entrance and gave me a queue number (#1193), and the current number being served was then 1139.

Queue numbers

My Kreme cofi

There are free Krispy Kreme donuts and coffee being served, so I took one honey-glazed and my cup of coffee since I haven’t taken my breakfast yet… there were complimentary magazines distributed to clients also, which you can read as you wait for your number to be called.

Their estimate time was 45 minutes for every client to reach a counter. There were about 50 frontliners to process requests, along with corresponding cashiers. I must admit being impressed with the process being done “orderly”. They even have assistants to run errands if needed.

Luckily, the Globe staff, upon my prodding, agreed to change my preferred unit color from black to white. My very first IPhone 3G was black already.

My unit costs much less than the regular price of some 43,000 pesos since I am renewing my subscription. From P 1,200/monthly billing, my plan was upgraded to P 1,799 unlisurf including 800 minutes of consumable usage and some freebies. For those who want to know, a 16GB is available for only P 4,800 plus a lock-up period of 24 months (I think). A 32GB would cost P10,080 plus the lock-up. Not bad for the budget for a very pricey unit.

Globe also offered discounts for trade-in of older versions of the IPhone — just for the launch (dec 16). Yet another strategy to retain and gather more subscription since its main rival, Smart Communications, have also got the rights to sale IPhone 4s, ending the Globe Philippines exclusivity to sell IPhones and IPad in the country.


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