A Happy Trip to Genting Highlands

Outdoor park

First World Theme Park

        It took us almost four hours to get to Kuala Lumpur from Manila. And its another two-hour trip from the KL International Airport to Genting Highlands. We arrived past 8p.m., checked in at First World Hotel, which was recognized by the Guiness Book of Records as the largest hotel in the world. It has 6,118 guest rooms.  

      The bus trip from KL Sentral to Genting left at around 6 p.m.  We were lucky to get our tickets for about 5 Ringgit, which was discounted by half already.  The trip gave us a view of Kuala Lumpur and the towering Petronas. Quite tired from the flight, most of the passengers dozed to sleep once the bus hit the road only to be awaken as cool winds and foggy surroundings engulf the bus we were in.  Yes, it was a signal we’ve reached the foot of Genting Highlands.

      Excitedly, one would look outside the bus windows.  My curiosity was aroused on what could be beyond the long and winding road towards the top of this big patches of trees, engulfed by the fogs. I started to feel the cold breeze, so I wore my jacket.  Luckily, I brought one.  I did not think it was this cold in this part of Malaysia.  

         The bus’ digital clock says it’s past 7p.m. but it is not yet dark outside.  

         Like  children on a field trip, almost every tourist was busy looking the beautiful scenery of thick trees amid the foggy mountain. In the bus, some were busy taking some pictures.   


Genting scenery

        We passed by a market (which I later learned to be part of the strawberry farm), a police station, some residential buildings or condominiums, then the station for the Genting Skyway (that was closed for renovation during our arrival).   From this station, we transferred to another bus and we went down at the hotel stop of First World. Whola! Almost there.  

           After the check in, we got keys for our room on the 25th floor, second tower.  Our World Card room was spacious and cozy. We initially decided to just stay in but time is of the essence for this brief stay, so we immediately freshen up and scoured the area.  Luckily, we did. We found ourselves in the middle of the hotel’s indoor themepark which was opened ’til evening.  Then there was Ripley’s Believe It or Not museum.  

          There were restaurants around the place and we chose one which served Malaysian food to add up to the experience. One should not be too choosy on food during a foreign trip.  Trying the local delicacies were part of the excitement.  With Malaysians known for their love of spicy food, I tried chicken and noodles.  My friends went for honey-cured chicken and stir fried noodles.  Loved my chicken toppings but not that noodles which was spicy and had coconut milk as part of the soup.    

           We enjoyed a few drinks at the Patio. Took pictures at the Gondola bridge, which resembles that one in Macau.  But the boatman in the Gondola is mechanical, the Gondolas were following a track, simulating a mini river cruise. 

Having some fun and drinks at The Patio.its a sports bar that feature a huge, really huge LCD screen to watch your favorite baseball or NBA games


Gondola mini-cruise (but Macau version is better)

Mr. Nice Guy- D' Gondola boatman


         Anyway, the night was long so we toured around. There were replicas of the Statue of Liberty, Petronas, Eiffel Tower, Big Ben around the theme park.  There were rides also such as a mini-roller coaster, a coach which rails are close to the roof– obviously to give one a peek of the entire park from the top view.   There was the Genting SnowWorld and the Genting Sky Venture, a sky diving stimulator.  We were unlucky that the Sky Venture was closed for renovation during our visit.  The indoor theme park was big playground for both the young and still young, and yes, the old.

                    Later in the evening, I just contended myself with the fish spa which I paid for around 30 Ringgit and slept in our cozy room to be ready for another day of discovering Genting Highlands. 

Wonderful colors

World Largest Hotel

Pagoda-inspired hotel

Feels like Baguio City (but better)


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