Genting Highlands: Food Trip

     One of my best friends, Cherry, her sister and I went to our trip to Genting Highlands in Malaysia this week. Besides the First Hotel indoor and outdoor theme parks, we enjoyed the cold weather at the Highlands, and the nice view of the thick trees and wild plants all the way to the top of Genting.

    We were lucky enough to learned the ropes of going to the Highlands via the KLIA Express train, then the almost 2-hour bus ride from KL Sentral to Genting Skyway and then First World Hotel.  

    Its a good decision that we booked for the World Card room at First World. The room was spacious, clean and most of all, we had the privilege of also getting World Card hospitality along with the delicious breakfast buffet at the World Card Club located at the 25th floor.


Spicy hot

Since we are initially unfamiliar with the food in Malaysia, it was hard to look for food that suites our tastes buds. 

Red hot chilly sauce

The wide array of food at the World Club Club gave us a taste of Malaysian food which ranges from spicy, sweet to spicy hot. There are a lot of spices such as chilly, pepper and curry. There are a number of sauces as well as condiments to help you prepare your own, Nasi Lemak, one of Malaysia’s favorites dishes.

A specialty in Malaysia, the dish is served as a platter of food wrapped in banana leaves with small fried anchovies, sliced cucumber, roasted peanuts, a hard boiled egg and the hot spicy sauce. Traditionally, the accompaniments come as spicy hot in nature.

 Curry sauces mixed with coconut milk are how most dishes are cooked in this country. Since Malaysia has a bigger Muslim population, they serve chicken and beef.  Pork is a no-no because pork are not edible food for them.  

  Trying out food is one of the things I always do every time I go places… Even if I am not into spicy foods, I tried various dishes during my brief Genting vacation.  Here are some of the viands I enjoyed (taking pix– not actually eating all) during my eat-all-you-can dinner with my friends.  

The Eat-All-You-Can was part of the International Food Fest ongoing for a month in Malaysia..

Curry rice– with Prawns

Squid curry

Chicken Curry

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Stir Fried Noodles

Colored siopao with something sweet inside the dough

Fried dumplings

Grilled chicken wings

Chicken Rendang


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2 Responses to Genting Highlands: Food Trip

  1. raburcke says:

    These dishes definitely look yummy!

  2. tinamen says:

    indeed yummy and spicy… will be posting more fotos of the dishes from KL.

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