Coron: Food & Souvenirs

As in any trip, one should enjoy the food and find the good souvenirs. Coron is known for its rich culture since there are indigenous tribes here such as the Tagnabua and real Palawan tribes.

It was fiesta time when we arrived here mid-August, so we were lucky enough to catch plaza bazaars where goods and various souvenirs are on sale.   

Here are hand-carved masks and replicas of tribal gods — including harvest gods whom tribes honor during bounty harvests.

wooden masks


harvest gods

We checked in at the newly-built Coron Bed and Breakfast Lodge, which is located at the town proper. It did not have amenities of a five star hotel but the stay was quite comfortable since they have aircon units and a generator that they operate during brownouts.  There are frequent brownouts in the town, so I think a place with generator is appropriate. 

Enjoy Nido soup and Chicken Inasal Coron style at the Centro Coron Bed and Breakfast Lodge.  They have a wide array of food choices which range from Filipino food to pasta and pizza.  The inihaw ng bangus (grilled milkfish) is also a must. Don’t forget to also taste the sizzling pusit (squid) and sinigang na ulo ng tuna (tuna head in sour soup) which will taste great with their special yang chow-style fried rice.

taste this pecan tart, and you'll forget your name 🙂

The Dad’s coffee and tea shop serves good brewed coffee and Cafe Latte. The Pecan tarts are exceptional compared to the cakes and pies served at Starbucks in Manila.  (Okay, that Turtle Pie at Coffee Bean is really smooth and sweet.)

The breakfast at Centro Coron are also the best. Try the beef or chicken omelette or their fried bangus combo. (The breakfast meals, at P 150/meal, are free if you include them in your booking reservations)    

There is also another restaurant known as the Kawayanan Grill, although the food we ordered did not taste exceptional this resto is good if you want to taste local food.  I ordered kilawin ng pagi, sinigang na isda (again), calamares and pansit.   

Sinigang (Fish in sour soup)

Kilawlin na pagi

pansit (stir-fried noodles)

But the best food of all — grilled sugpo, sinigang na samaray, inihaw na porkchops and pinakbet (sauteed vegetables with alamang) and salted egg and tomatoes.  All cooked homestyle by our bankero (boatman) at Atwayan beach. 

Inihaw na sugpo

Pork -- chopped!




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2 Responses to Coron: Food & Souvenirs

  1. janet says:

    hi, do you know how to contact Coron Bed and Breakfast Lodge? How did you do your booking with them? thanks,

  2. tinamen says:

    Hi there Janet, I booked Centro Coron B&B through I find Agoda credible in hotel bookings whenever I travel. 🙂 When do you intend to go to Coron? I do have a contact number here of Edmund Velasquez whom you can tap for transpo back and forth the airport. Mobile # 09195318729. Although you can take van from airport at P150/person/trip. Mang Edmund can also get you in contact with a boatman. Hope you enjoy your trip!

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