Coron, Palawan: Mt. Maquinit Hotspring


It actually won’t take half the day for you to reach to Mt. Maquinit, enjoy the hotspring after a trek at Mt. Tapyas.

Maquinit Hotspring

You can squeeze the trip to these two sites in three to four hours or in the afternoon shortly after arriving from Manila.  The area is actually on the other side of town but it is not so far.  There is an entrance fee of P 150/each.  This public notice, however, makes me think if this hotspring is no longer government property since it says that it is being developed by a realty firm.

Public Notice

Relaxing and therapeutic.  These are the two words that best describe my experience at this hotspring, which is found at the foot of Mt. Maquinit.  The hotspring is a boom for both the young and old, who’d feel the natural heat of the fresh water coming from the mountain.  The place is nothing compared to the massage spas in Manila which usually emulate the natural hotspring in a more controlled environment.

Dip in the therapeutic waters

The over 40 Celcius degrees water temperature here in Maquinit is caught in a big basin where one can bathe and get a body massage of sorts out of the hot bath. 

Enclosed in a cove, one can see how preserved the area as seen in the mangroves around it.  This body of water is amazing because sea water and fresh water mixes in this part of the island.

If you go to Maquinit first before you go island hopping, you can only marvel at the beauty of Coron and what goes beyond the seas and inside the other islands.

Coron’s vast sea waters is intertwined with freshwater enclosed in islands that can only be reached through boat or through the sea.

sea water that surrounds mt. maquinit

where the sea meets the sky

Just relax and enjoy the view from a bench at the foot of Mt. Maquinit


There is a clean area for changing into your bathing suits, and nice toilets.  There are some gazeebos for big groups who’d opt to stay longer and enjoy a picnic.   


feel free to get into your swim suits here

After the therapeutic bath, you can go back at your hotel/lodge/inn and rest for the night but only after going around the town for that taste of local food.

As for me and my family, we went to the Kawayan Grill which was recommended by our driver.  There were good recipes in the menu. We ordered sinigang na talakitok (fish in broth), calamares (squid) and ginataan ng pagi.

But there was a brownout even before our orders are served.  We ate in candle-light since the restaurant did not have generators.  There are regular brownouts in the area since there are not enough electric supply, I think. There are nearby areas which rely merely on solar power.  

Locals and tourists alike have to contend themselves with candles and the native pamaypay (fan) to keep away from mosquitoes.  But what the heck, that’s part of the experience, isn’t it? 


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  1. inggit ako! gusto ko makapunta rin dyan!!! 😦

  2. tinamen says:

    let’s go travel hanski, and explore the world! 🙂

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