Backpacking in Coron, Palawan: Mt. Tapyas

View midway to Mt. Tapyas

Coron is a small town of about 30,000 locals. It seems small but a three-day trip here is already worth it for backpackers, divers (maybe a week) and nature-lovers.

From trekking, you can go enjoy your snorkeling on the sea, bathe in the hot springs, dive into the Barracuda Lake and ship wreck sites, swim around Twin Lagoons, take dip into the Kayangan Lake, and have fun at the white beacheas around the area.  

It takes about 45-minute flight from Manila to Busuanga Airport. Then it will take another 30 to 45 minutes from the airport to Coron town.  The transport fare is P 150/person in an air-conditioned van.   

From the town proper, Mt. Tapyas is barely 25 to 20 minutes by a private van or tricycle.   For P 300, a group of three to four can hire the trike for the trip to Mt. Tapyas from the town proper.

trikes waiting for their passengers who trooped to the top

 As for private vehicle covering a brief town tour, Mt. Tapyas, and Mt. Maquinit, we rented a van for P 1,200 the entire afternoon tour.

just enjoy the trek...

It would be a trek of about 700 steps to the top but don’t you worry there are stop pits where one can take a rest, and view the surrounding hills and bodies of water during every stopover.  

rest here, midway to your climb

Thick clouds hover around the islands around Coron

just amazing, makes you wonder how beautiful this country is

view from first 100 steps  

view from the top

u'd simply love it...


Teenage vendors – who sell bottled water and Gatorade– can trek with you. They are good sources of information on where else to go around Coron.

The Cross

It was raining when we got to Coron so the steps were wet, there were some drizzle so we were unable to get a view of the sunset. Nonetheless, the view from the top is still breathtaking.  You’ll just simply fall in love with the views.  And you have not yet gone island hopping at that!  


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