Nature tripping in Majayjay

It is a respite going out of the city.  Going to Dalitiwan Resort in Majayjay, Laguna is indeed a great escape from the bustling city.  It lets my soul, battled by not so many heartaches in life, commune with nature.  It rejuvenates me to go and swim in that cold water flowing freely from Mt. Banahaw through the seemingly virgin forest, untouched by mankind.

Go into the water before your teeth starts to chatter

I’d never forget that first dip at the cold waters caught in man-made pool at Dalitiwan. It is refreshingly cold but I felt happy just communing with mother nature.  The feeling is relaxing as you surround yourself with the beauty of a greenery of the forest and sounds of birds chirping.

Now, I understand a bit better why my dad detests going to swimming pools with all the chlorine and other chemicals in it.  The pools are nothing compared to freshwater falls.

My brother, enjoying the hard back massage from the flowing water in below zero temperature

Have fun. Spell it out. Go drink some beer which are submerged into the sub-zero temperatures in the flowing river. Enjoy the picnic. Relax and take a nap at the nipa hut cottages.

Grilled tilapia with eggplant, squid, and pork belly


There are no many preserved forests in the country nowadays. Some water areas including some falls in Antipolo in nearby Rizal province have been polluted, if not drained.

Man-made pool

With so many lakes and rivers dying, I share the lament that the young generation of my time are missing the simple, yet practical ways of living in the past.

Gone are the days when rivers and lakes were used for daily bathing and washing of clothes. Such are rarely seen today since these forms of water are either no longer seen or polluted due to massive development. 

So it helps once in a while when I go with my family and friends to nature trips not only as a respite from the busy city, but so that I can share these memories with my future children and grandchildren. I do hope that I can still enjoy nature’s best with them in the not so distant years. 

I hope to go back in this place soon.

Shoes, shoes and more shoes!

If you are into quality shoes and bags, don’t forget to take a side trip to Liliw town, also in Laguna.

Liliw shoes are showcased in a festival of sorts


 There you can find many shoe stores, which gives life to the local shoe industry in the country.  

Giant sandals on display in one of the shops in Liliw

Get into the comfort. Shop for new pairs of shoes at less expensive prices compared to those you get in Metro Manila’s tiangges and department stores.  There are also native bags which can be compared to those exported in the United States and Europe.

 Minus, the huge traffic that I experienced going back to Manila, this trip is one of the best in my recent local trips.  The beauty of nature really exude its best at the Southern part of Manila, home to many local beaches and diving spots in Batangas, the hot springs in the Mt.Maria Makiling, and the cold water falls in Mt. Banahaw.

I just can’t get enough of nature tripping here.  And I haven’t even been to more beautiful areas in the country. Its a “Wow Philippines!” indeed.


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I am news reporter, trying to veer away from the daily grind of news. I am trying to make good of the experiences and opportunities that life bring me, and enjoy them. I will try to share in this blog some of my travels, hobbies, and the daily lessons that life would bring. I don't intend to brag, I intend to amuse, inform and touch your lives in my own little way.
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4 Responses to Nature tripping in Majayjay

  1. i’ve been here before! my church group we went to hike but ended up just swimming and enjoying the picnic. i nearly got into an accident. the water was so cold i couldn’t move my legs and nearly fell headlong in the stream. fortunately somebody grabbed my shirt from behind. there was no man made pool before. or maybe we just didn’t see it…:-(

  2. tinamen says:

    its quite slippery if you go to the main river. maybe that’s why they made the pool to catch the water coming from Mt. Banahaw, this way tourists can enjoy the breeze and swimming all the more! 🙂

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