Women Power

Kudos to Thailand’s first female prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra, whose election comes five years after her brother, Thaksin, was ousted in a military coup in 2006.

It brings to mind President Corazon Aquino’s ascent to the presidency in February in 1986 when the people got sick of the dictatorship.  There was much hope then.

But the hope turned to frustration after Cory was unable to bring much improvement in the economy.  The same goes for the next leaders of the country— the common Juan dela Cruz barely sees improvement in his life. The Philippines remained saddled with debts.

Probably, this is the reason why Cory’s son, now President Noynoy Aquino III, was shoved into the presidency in the last 2010 presidential elections.  The Filipinos are pinning a new hope to a better leadership void of corruption and too much patronage politics.

In Thailand, it seems the interrupted leadership of Yingluck’s brother has propelled the Thais to look anew for a leader who will stand by their rights and protect them.  The latest elections reflected the people’s will.

In both cases, let’s hope the new leaders will go beyond the rhetorics and buckle down to work.

* * *

Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte is now being criticized for hitting a sheriff for pushing through a demolition last Friday.  Some admire the mayor for her guts, telling the sheriff and her people who the “real boss” is.

Nonetheless, the mayor should know that there are processes in the country and she can’t just punch the sheriff.


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