Don’t be a frog…

Found in Batangas (shot by Meng Solisa)

There was much brouhaha over the smuggling and illegal exportation of black corals, hawkbills, and other marine species in recent months.

It is a pity how some unscrupulous individuals have ruined our very rich marine resources in the Southern Philippines.  They appreciate the beauty of the black corals in a different way — by making them pieces of jewelry.

Well-experienced divers and marine scientists are very much overwhelmed by the species one can find in our oceans. Just taking a dive in Anilao, Batangas gives one a unique experience of the beauty of the country’s vast  natural resources.

Here’s  a photo of a frog fish that has generated interest in one of my Facebook buddy’s page.

           Frog fish found in the waters of Bauan, Batangas, Philippines                                      (photo courtesy of Scubadoo Dive Shop)

Its exciting to find out or name what creatures you find several feet underwater.

In a recent news, a group of California-based scientists found new species during their 42-day expedition in Luzon.

The report which appeared at The Philippine Star said the group discovered many land and marine species, including a shrimp-eating shark that puffs up to frighten other predators.

A report on said the team found dozens of new insects and spiders, more than 50 colorful new sea slugs, and corals which protect themselves from nibbling fish by growing large, spiky plates.

The team, which conducted a 42-day expedition in Luzon, was composed of researchers from the California Academy of Sciences and the University of the Philippines. Other new species discovered include a cicada that makes a “laughing call,” a crab with pincers lined with needlelike teeth, and a worm-like pipefish that hides among colonies of soft coral.

The so-called swell shark pumps water into its stomach to swell up and look formidable to other predators. Unlike its relatives, it possesses a distinctive camouflaged pattern.

Its a lament that while foreign scientists are awed by our own marine species, the government here is lacking in support for maritime research and studies.


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I am news reporter, trying to veer away from the daily grind of news. I am trying to make good of the experiences and opportunities that life bring me, and enjoy them. I will try to share in this blog some of my travels, hobbies, and the daily lessons that life would bring. I don't intend to brag, I intend to amuse, inform and touch your lives in my own little way.
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  1. hohoho! congrats! love it 🙂

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