Sneaking out for coffee…while in Malacanan Palace

When you’re busy covering Philippine President Duterte, its not easy to even have  coffee with your friends and colleagues.

It’s good there is branch of Blugre– inside the Malacanang compound where you can have you’re quick lunch or merienda. It’s Davao-based, and obviously a avid Duterte supporter.

Their menu betrays their loyalty, so to speak. The branch is just across the Metrobank branch in the building which also houses the Office of the Presidential Management Staff.

 Incidentally, the President’s trusted aide, special assistant to the President, Christopher “Bong” Go, is also the head of the OPMS.

For Durian lovers, there’s a special coffee concoction for you, too. Apart from this special Dutertea.

My Blu’gre Mocha Frappe…

Thanks for a quick merienda, with my friend since HS days.  

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The Big Little Store in the Hill

After a toxic day at work, my friend and I rushed to this store at the Gilmore area in San Juan to buy “cough mixture” to cure my colds.

The store turned out to be a mini-grocery for Chinese delicacies, snacks and other items you’d usually find in Binondo.

Right in the middle of the busy district known for computers and gadgets, you’ll find this simple store with a small canteen.

There also have all kinds of noodles and the dimsum you’d want to have on your homestyle hotpot. 

And of course, those all-time favorite snacks you had when you were still a grade-schooler. (Oppsss, champoy is not just for me!)

That spicy pusit and pop beans, I’ll not exchange for microwave popcorns on a movie night at home or my Koreanovela marathon.

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Catelinos at Villa Javierto

The campaign trail has brought my colleagues and I to many places… 

Going back to Manila from Camarines Sur, our gastronomical adventure brought us to this house-resto in Tayabas, Quezon. 

It’s called Villa Javierito but the restaurant is “Catalinos”, apparently named after the owner’s patriarch. For a good hearty traditional Filipino meal, you’d want to visit this.

Its themed with old pieces of furniture & windows…overlooking a river and a hill near the boundary of Tayabas & Lucena.

A pako salad with salted egg in vinegrette is a good way to start the meal.

Here’s stir-fried noodles, locally known as “pancit hab-hab”. Best with vinegar.
The place is a good stop-over after a long travel from Bicol, going to Manila.

There is a wide array of antique furniture and kitchen wares. 

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When in Bacolod, enjoy dining at Aboy’s Restaurant

 Just eat it! Hahaha! 


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Taj Mahal

Agra, India — Taj Mahal, as it has been dubbed, is such an expression of great love. We must have all known that by now.

The roads to Agra from New Delhi through the country’s interior roads were a breath of new scenery– away from the traffic, and unsavory surroundings.

Upon reaching Agra, there is a great contrast as you see a backdrop of clean, properly maintained international hotels, and the rather unkept, dirty environment on the streets going to the great Taj Mahal.

You can also found Agra Fort, which is another popular monument in India. 

The experience altogether is good.


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Fascinated with Santa Village At Crosswinds

There is always that child in us. There is a beautiful memory about childhood, a wonderful experience.

So, when we got to the Santa house and Yule store here at Crosswinds Resorts Suites in Tagaytay, my siblings (along with my baby nephew) immediately jumped out of the car for our “tour”.  We had our groupies and selfies taken at the front yard where Santa’s sleigh was parked. We were like little children eager to go around and play.  

The pine trees were all spruced up with Christmas balls, making the trees the biggest Christmas trees I have seen my whole life.

Nothing beats the Crosswinds weather during this time of the year.


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Eat. Drink. Be Merry at Cafe Voila.

Crosswinds Suites, Tagaytay — What else is there left to do after a sumptuous home-cooked supper here? Then, have some dessert and coffee.

Besides, Coffee Bean at the entrance leading to Crosswinds, you can spot Cafe Voila at the so-called Alpine Village. 

I tried honey cinnamon au lait while my sis went for Vietnamese coffee. We can’t just resist that slice of Salted Caramel Cake. QBut only after we finished the home specialty– Voila Pizza!!!

Yum. Hot drink to warm us during the “Baguio” weather here in Tagaytay. 


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